Follow your instincts,

But dont eat your kids. You KNOW that’s not what I mean. I just gave a presentation that was backed by tons of data. I felt like I needed to draw a really long line from point a to b, show them the WHOLE map of the 2,000 mile journey instead the straight line. While the journey IS important, it ended up being distracting to my end goal. I KNEW THIS, but continued to try and show how hard it was to get there. Establish my expertise. Show that I did the work.

I know how to tell a story. I tried to prove myself worthy as so many others do, instead of following my gut. Poor form. Simple is hard, and I know how to make it simple…so needed to go with it. Hindsight always tells me I was correct, so it’s time to go with my gut. Moving on, that time I did want to eat my kids, I didnt. My guy said I was full, and clearly spot on as it is definitely wrong to eat your young.


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