Pickle Ball is my new fave

I kind of gave it away right?  What this whole thing is about, but not really.  So, initially I got interested in pickleball when showed up as an applicant to Pitch at one of Vesuvius Co-working’s pitch night.  These people were SO passionate about pickleball, it was like encountering a new version of Star Wars nerd- so basically over the TOP.  Madison County Pickleball started offering free pickleball at a nearby church, and so I went. Then I really wanted to go back.  I took my mom. My mom got her own racquet & took over my Tuesday night.  I mean, we work together, live near each other- I #ijustcant hang out with her anymore and keep my sanity.

I’m pretty tall, so I look intimidating & most bet at some point in my life I’ve been an athlete, maybe some kind of pro basketball player who may have been famous in Europe.  It always surprises everyone when I’m barely mediocre at any given sport.  So I asked the league if there’s any other time I can play.  They said, “Well you can show up Thursday, that’s the intermediate 3.0 & above play.  You can try it out, see how it goes”  I took that as permission, kind of to give it a go.  Unfortunately, they gave me that permission like 3 months ago & I haven’t played pickleball since because well, life happens.  So I decided last week after someone mentioned it to me again at another event that I would just SHOW UP.  I got there, and the first 4 games got SPANKED. People started asking how long I’d played, when I moved up.  I was certain the gig was up, although I also know they were really just being curious & polite by asking me questions.  Funny how your brain plays tricks on you, because I was pretty sure no one really wanted to be my partner when my turn came. I thought maybe I’d be asked to not come back.  This of course is all in my own head.

So I did it again anyways.  Last night, I SHOWED UP.  I was so much better.  This time no one questioned my presence.  I didn’t ask permission.  I SHOWED UP.  Granted, the pickleball community is one of the best.  They love new people, they are encouraging, and they care enough to throw out invites over & over.  I appreciate that, but I still have that internal struggle I believe we all deal with. It’s some pretty intimidating stuff to overcome in my own head, but I highly recommend it.  It’s opened a new world. Those doubts: Am I good enough? Will they turn me down?  Will they reject me?

Who really knows?  They might.  But I’ve found over & over when I have the courage to just show up, very rarely do people say no.  Even if they do- and you show up again, or maintain your position- people respect perseverance.

Also, love you pickleballers- you’re fantastic. I appreciate you & your passion for the game. I’m leaving now to go get my own paddle, because I’m totally geeking out over it.

I see you pickleball, and I’m in LOVE.

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