So I’m overwhelmed with life.  I post a lot about this on my facebook & instagram page.  My friends said- you should blog it, we love it!  I was a little surprised, because I’ve always had a crass sense of humor & was recording these as an outlet for myself.  SO- I’m moving my facebook posts here and am going to stop  trying to be what I’m not.  Let’s get real, I don’t have time to melt crayons into hearts, or tell you about my latest steal.  I also cannot keep up with lots of information.  So while I navigate life, let me share a little with you.

Instead, I’ll share my fails & features of the day.  A lot involve my oldest’s “I JUST CAN’T”  moments in photo array.

Some involve the shit I have to clean up & the thoughts I have that sometimes I can’t believe I think….at the end of the day I’ve discovered through being a cra-cray Midwestern gal letting loose in the city & a mom just trying to make it work…don’t judge, you’re the next person who’s going to get shit on.   For responsible wiping, try these…I wash them when it’s a pee so I can reuse.

your next big diaper blowout....she got to sit there through my conference call.  no judgments.
your next big diaper blowout….she got to sit there through my conference call. no judgments.